Sea caught the sun and the particles of watercolor are twinkling. Who can give the name for this, she asked me with some respects. As soon as we took a ship, all particles, even elementary particles seemed to vanish and we run into a black screen. That is a dead-end street. Something enormous, I said. She frowned a little still with some respects. My thoughts start flying to another place calmly, I know if she notices it she must be ashamed, however I cannot help substituting myself into “objective function” and I kept her back well. A beetle attacked from both sides, somewhat ridiculous. This much or this much, she said. Small air is captured in slender and flexible fingers. I indicated the door, and dad entered. Our dad pointed his daughter’s left hand. Her face was suddenly flushed and it cast a faint light on my body. Faint red like a national holiday. This is typical and always we played like that. Everyday, how busy we are. Then she picked a snake from the case and stroked it gently. The snake stared at me in a usual way. Mum called us for dinner.